The Story of Argan of Eden

Argan of Eden is a tight-knit family-run business which holds integrity and honesty as our two most important values that we carry from our personal lives all the way into our business lives to provide you with the best quality Argan oil out there.

The founders of Argan of Eden are Physics and Chemical Engineering graduates, Noor and Muhammad Al-Musawi and we are as close as two brothers can be. This has helped us gel amazingly well from day one of starting the business. With both of us being from a very science based background we came to the decision early on that we wanted to utilise the skills that our degrees taught us but within a field that we found interesting and motivating.

Being a proud Londoner born to Iraqi parents, I was proud of my Iraqi heritage as well as my British culture and taught myself early on how to fuse both cultures together and make the most of them both. However, one strong influence throughout it all has been my father’s love for anything that stems from the Arabic culture. If it wasn’t for my father and his admiration for Morocco and having spent the majority of the last decade lecturing us on the benefits and uses of pure Argan oil then, for sure, this business would have never come into fruition!

Argan Oil; natures very own liquid gold.

As a family, we’ve been using Argan oil for many years now but have never found an easily available authentic Argan product that was truly 100% pure and delivered on its promised quality. I also felt very uncomfortable and always struggled with the idea of putting any kind of product on my hair and body if I knew there was an ounce of it that wasn’t what it said it was. I still carried on using the Argan oil available as I knew the positives outweighed my fears however my usage of it decreased over the years as a result of not finding the ‘perfect product’. It was something that bugged me for many years and had me feeling like I’ve been wasting my money in pursuit of the unachievable ‘perfect product’!  

Argania Spinosa; The Tree of Life

Being British-Iraqi, we have a lot of family friends from different regions of Africa and the Middle East. One family, in particular, is a Moroccan family residing in Agadir, Morocco and they were my absolute favourite to visit as a young child. I remember roaming through their Argan farm and being in awe that the origin of the Argan oil the family used to gift us when we would visit them was directly from the Argan tree situated in their farm. There’s nothing like knowing the quality of the product you are using is 100% pure and organic. I realised that all this time living in London, I was trying to find the same Argan oil that I used to use whenever I went to visit our family friend in Agadir!

It was only until after I graduated from university I finally asked myself the magic question, “Why wasn’t I finding any Argan products of the quality that I nostalgically remembered?“. After conducting some thorough research I found the results to be very shocking. The quality of the Argan oil that over 95% of the mainstream suppliers were using was low quality Argan oil extracted from Argan fruits that have been digested and excreted by goats and, as a result, lacked in vitamins and benefits. This was the reason for the lack of quality! This was the reason for the lingering rancid smell of some Argan oils! I quickly realised this was an opportunity; not only from a business perspective but as a way to introduce 100% pure Argan oil to a population that knows nothing but bad quality and/or overpriced Argan oil.

Authentic Moroccan House

I set out to partner up with accredited and certified Argan oil manufacturer Authentic Moroccan House located in Agadir- the birthplace of Argan. I chose Authentic Moroccan House as this was someone I personally trusted when it came to ensuring the quality of the Argan oil was of the highest standard. From this point on Argan of Eden was born.

Since day one, we’ve been working tirelessly in order to expand our product offerings and make our customers experience even better. We’re proud of how far we’ve come, yet remain committed to performing even better.

Our collections are carefully selected. Delivery options and payment methods generous and flexible. Browse through our product gallery and experience shopping with Argan of Eden for yourself. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions, comments or suggestions.